With a legacy of over four decades of experience, NPL has been redefining lifestyle, fulfilling dreams and spreading happiness, being built on an unshakable reputation of trust. Taking the concept of building apartments to the commercial level in 1971 in the city of Chennai, Narendra Maher is the master mind behind NPL. Initially managing with a Stainless Steel and Glassware company, it was while travelling on business that he foresaw the need for affordable yet luxurious apartment buildings, an idea that was still finding its place in the Chennai market.

The first construction in 1971, ANAND Apartments still stands tall on Poonamallee High Road (Chennai), opposite to First Med Hospital, serving as a testimonial of the unwavering and long term commitment NPL offers to its buyers. From the first apartment to the latest, NPL has built more than 3 million square feet of residential and commercial projects all across Chennai. Our impeccable reputation is built on strong and solid foundations of quality construction, timely completion and passionate commitment.

Built on dedication and customer satisfaction, NPL is now headed by Chirag Maher. Schooled in the conservative value system of his father, Shri. Narendra Maher, Chirag envisions contemporary yet functional spaces, not only environmentally conscious but an Environment Conservationist. He says, " My clients are my biggest assets, not only have they become my friends over time but have also brought in their friends into each of the projects that we have developed." NPL is proud to deliver architectural marvels that provide ultimate comfort and luxury, attracting residents and investors alike. We don't just build homes, we build trust and relationships that lasts throughout.


Under the tutelage of a young Managing Director, NPL is well supported by an efficient team of committed and dedicated experts who are driven by the same passion and motive of NPL- Every home we build is your dream home. Achieving complete customer satisfaction and building homes of lasting values is what the team aims to deliver.


We have been widely recognized for our excellence in architecture, innovation, reliability and commitment. Our success is largely attributed to the high level quality and detail we apply to both the design and construction of our buildings. Apart from quality and deliverance, we emphasize on strict adherence to Government Regulations set by authorities such as CMDA, DTCP and the Corporation of Chennai.


  • Impeccable quality each and every time.
  • Timely project completions.
  • Strict adherence to Government Sanctions, Rules and Regulations.
  • Ability to choose prime location of land which is easily accessible and ideal.
  • Creating utilities, luxuries and innovating the NPL way.